Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the old ahead with the new

Happy New Year everyone.
What a better way to finish and start the new year than with a bike ride.
After a night of too much "vino" and food Thursday during aclamari night at the "Ho",  I got up late, the sun was shining and the temps were in the high 40's. Had a light breakfast and headed out the door on the steel single speed 26er.

The plan was to ride to the boat docks in Rocky River and back. On the way there, rode a couple of miles with Brett who was out with the Spin guys on a long road ride. They were on road or cyclocross bikes and I run a 34x16 and had to let them go and ride at my own pace spinning around 90-110. Worked hard on the way back with a very stiff head wind for a few minutes under 3 hrs. By the time I made it back the temps had gone up to 60 according to my car temp gauge. Too many people on the trail walking their dogs with the 100 foot leash. It makes for a great workout stopping and going over and over.
Today I headed out again with a plan to put in just 1.5hrs and ended up with another 3 under constant rain. After I crossed Bagley road and was down by the river the tornado siren in Berea went off and the wind picked up and the trees started  bending a little, needless to say I'm going as fast as I can spinning at over 120-130 rpm's rushing to get to the next bridge so I could crawl under it just in case I heard a train coming through the woods. It was a scary moment for a while not knowing were I would be if a tornado happen to form and hit the area. After a while everything calmed down and I started heading back via the Isaac Lake trail. Quite a few people has critized this trail because of all the money that was spent developing the trail. But, things like this are needed to atract businesses and people to northeast Ohio which in turn bring more jobs and money to the area.

That's a nice ride this time of the year because of the weather since not to many people venture out.

The weather turns cold again tomorrow back into the 20's, good for one easy hr on the trainer.
A few pictures of how the river looked yestarday and today.

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