Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night it rained for a couple of hrs and didn't need to turn the ac on, just the ceiling fan. Slept in until 7: 30, read the daily news, warched sportscenter since I forgot about the Pitt. NY game, got ready and rolled out the door at 10am for a planned 2-3 hr ride.
Riding aginst traffic is nothing here, cars going by at 5o 60 miles an hr.

It was so windy plus climbing a grade my HR was at 160 within 5 mins of leaving the house. Took the usual route I always take when I visit but my Mom said it had not rained in almost 3 months and there's been a lot of grass fires.

Tsunami area.

This is a new Catholic church built like in the old days with very colorful colors.

After 2.5 hrs under the sun I was wasted, got home took a bath ate lunch and even took a nap, something I very seldom do.
I'll take more pics tomorrow when I feel better.
Sounding off from PR safe and SUNBURNED.

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