Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday / Wed

Stopped at the favorite coffee shop yesterday to have my usual late afternoon coffee and my lap top battery died. Forgot it didn run without power...duh. Anyway I'm always complaining about the way people drive here even though I lived here for 25 years, well, yesterday I found that the rules for right of way have changed dramatically since I moved. I'm coming up to a light and it changes to green before I got there, I turned my signal light on to turned right and almost got broadsided by a car turning left. Now you tell me, If you are turning left and I'm turning right on to the same road I have the right of way, right. Apparently not here, the car turning right has to be faster and challenge the cars turning left. can you figure out what I'm saying, it's kind of confusing for me to. Stopped at the light and the lady in the car I basically had to speed up so she wouldn't hit me rolls the window down and proceeds to tell me I had to stop and let her go first. I told her I had the green and therefore the right of way. No she says,I was turning before you did so I have the right of way. The good thing about all this was that the conversation was very civilized and it ended up on both of us believing we were right. Whatever, I never cease to amaze myself.

Back to what I came here for, La Vuelta. Rode for another 2 hrs yesterday and my feeling is that I'm not going to be riding in group A. I don't think I have the legs after yesterdays ride I was left suffering under the sun. I'm not getting used to the heat as fast I thought I would. I have never had any problems when I visit but this time I'm hurting. I put my time in on the rollers and trainer and rode outside any time I could but right now it looks like I may even slide to group F, G or H.
I'm driving back to my sisters house tonight and meet with our riding group to plan the 3 days. I didn't even ride today, opted to stay at my parents and spend the time there.
I'm really going to have to save energy and become the best "wheel sucker" of the ride.

UFO's any one?????????????
Maybe this is one of them!!!!!!
This guy chased me during my ride yesterday, I smelled like death limping home.
A great frozen treat after the ride to revive.

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