Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's the big deal??????????????

Got up, got ready 5 degrees outside and here I'm at the airport waiting to board. My ? is, what is the big freaking deal with the body scanners. Such a big freaking deal was made of it that I was waiting for my violation report to come out saying I needed to go into an office or something, cops to come out running with guns drawn. As you can tell is my first time through a body scanners, I don't travel a lot and I was expecting something different. I walked in half naked after I took half my clothes off, heard the guy laughing behind the computer and I was free to go. It all happened so fast I didn't even have time to fix my underwear, no wonder he was laughing, I had a wedgie. Then it was another 15 minutes by the time I finished dressing myself. It all took less than 15 minutes to go through the line, of course it helps to be at the airport 2 hrs before you are suppose to take off and then sit around writing nonsense and surfing the web for bike deals.
Hope my bike makes it with me, they just announced that this is a small regional plane. They told me is big enough for the bike but you never know. I may ene up working as a volunteer at the ride.
Later, have a great cold, gray, snowy day, I'll be thinking of you when I'm drinking a mojito at 6pm today in shorts and flip flops showing the rican girls my white six pack abs.

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