Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News for the Manatoc race in September

Yes I know is only January but thge news are good.
My wife's Godson Eudaldo "Bebe" Asencio was just signed by Team Jamis mtb team to ride in their squad. We are all very happy for him, he has worked very hard to get to that position.

He has been the Puerto Rican National champion and has represented the island on numerous competitions.
Anyway, I have invited him to come participate in the Manatoc race representing team Jamis and I'm very
happy to announce that he is considering taking the trip. His parents are really exited to come visit and spend time with us. Last year team Jamis Blake Harlan attended the race and hopefully this year we'll have two riders from team Jamis if both can make. Let's hope they both attend.
Signing off, safe ans sunburned from PR.

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