Monday, November 2, 2009

Red Flannel agony

Yesterday Ken, Kevin and I rode the red Flannel which is the last organized ride of the year.
The Lorain Wheelmen do a great job with this ride. Randy, Brenda, Paul, Sandy and a bunch more opted for the wimpy 30 miles. We rode the 65 miler. Everything went well the first half of the ride, I really didn't want to do the 65 but Ken assured me that it was going to be an "easy" ride. Should have done the 30 miler when he said that. I didn't do much riding in October only a ride here and there plus plyometrics and core work. Anyway, like I said the first half went well my legs felt ok just a little heavy. We made it to the soup and chilly rest stop and even though I said I wanted some, I didn't eat any. I didn't want to get sick, I'm not used to eating that stuff when I ride. Plus something was telling me the rest of the ride wasn't going to be like the first half. Boy, was I right. Kevin started working on his endurance wattage and pulled for miles and miles and miles. I told Ken, he needs the work I'm staying behind him. In one brief instance that I managed to ride next to him he asked how fast we were going since he didn't have a speedometer and I said 22-23 for the last 10 freaking miles and I'm hanging on for dear life. He just casually responded " I didn't think we were going that fast" well boy, you were. After that it was more of the same, my watts were illuminating the way, if it was dark you would have seen the dim glow coming off my body. Clothes were starting to litter the roads, my suitcase of courage (more like a coffin) had just a small opening for a while but it was fully open and the hinges were coming off. On the last freeway overpass I fought like heck to stay with him and Ken and drop the free loaders that were attached to our wheels, mission acomplished but now the watts were down to milliwatts and fading. Last steep short hill and he dropped us like a bad habit. Ken and I fough to stay with a tandem and another guy and finally on the last little lump on the road when we were almost on to his wheel again I had had enough and finally I went from a 200 watt bulb to just a flicker flickering to stay alive. It just so happens that what I was looking forward to came into view, the bike path back to Oberlin. We caught up to him and rode at a recovery pace the rest of the way. Thanks for the ride Kevin, I had fun and didn't realize I had that much fitness left after not doing much in October.
Before I forget, thanks for the easy ride Ken, I'll pay you back soon.

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