Monday, November 23, 2009

When did I...

Since the end of September I've gained 4+ pounds. I'm not riding as long as I did before but I'm still eating like if I was. I can feel it, may not sound like much but when you are used to 138lbs and all of the sudden you are a few onces shy of 143 that weight scale doesn't look good. And with the holidays coming up, it's a dangerous season. But I'm betting myself that even with the holidays coming up, I'll loose the weight. I'll be down to 138 by January first. Just don't put a full slab of ribs in front of me, or pumpkin pie, or turkey or apple pie, or... well you get the picture. I'm picking the worst time of the year to loose a few pounds but I'm out to prove that I have will power. The will to eat whatever I want, the will to stuff my face with food, the will to...why I'm I doing this to myself? I'm not going to be crashing a lot, I need something to hurt me and that's not eating a lot of what I like, or maybe not. Maybe I'll hurt myself more if I eat more. Hmmm sounds like a good plan. But no, I have the will power to do it even this time of the year when I'm going to PR to visit my parents and eat my Mom's cooking. Darn, why I'm I doing this to myself, because I want to be ready for next year that's why. I thought I had a descent year but I want a better one and I have something to prove at a race or two. The countdown is on, 138 by January first. Go to go, food is calling me.

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