Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is there something called Single Speed Insanity?

If there is, I'm suffering from it. About 4 years ago I bought an aluminum frame on E-bay for $75.00 with the purpose of turning it into my winter bike using some of the parts I've collected over the years. Guess what, I turned it into a single speed road bike. I've found a different feeling for riding a SS whether a SS mtb or SS road bike. To me it just feels like a liberating feeling, from what, I just don't know. It sounds corny but it's just such a simple way of riding. I can't get enough. Is it a fetish? More later.

Some 105 components I had, Araya rims with 105 hubs and a nice carbon fork Dan at Solon Bicycle had at the store and a Single Speed was born.

Took her out for the maiden voyage this afternoon. The set up I have right now is a 42-18 and I nearly spun my brains out, I can feel some ratling up there. I caught up to another rider at the light on w 130th and the park and rode together to the covered bridge. I must have been spinning at 120 rpm's or more. He couldn't believe I was keeping up with him even though he was going 22mph. I need a smaller cog in the back, probably a 15 or 14. All I have left from the kit I bought is a 16 and I'm trying that one some time this week.
Actually is a two speed, if you look closely at the crankset picture you'll see a 39 ring there too. The chain ring bolts are too long and I had to install the 39 to be able to install the 42. I'm only able to use the 42 because I'm using a SS chain and it's too wide to move it down to the 39. That's ok I have no plans on using the 39 unless I move to Colorado or North Carolina. I think that set up will do around here. I just want it to do a lot of spinning workouts during the off season.
Remember earlier I asked if it was a fetish I have with Single Speeds, the name of the small company that made them, "Fetish Cycles". I don't even know if they are still around.
Long live single speeders.

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