Friday, November 13, 2009

Zen has, had, has a friend

Didn't take Zen to work for a couple of days to let him cool off a little bit and to my surprise when I opened my bag to dig a snack out of there he poped out.

He quickly went to work trying to find me a new camera since mine died and I've been using my
He also rang the bell in my cubi-hole. We ring the bell for orders over 10K for everybody to know in the
He also got to talking with Grouch and spent a little time getting to know him until they got into a fight and we had to separate them

But they quickly got back to talking and being friends. That is until Grouch sees this picture and the two little fingers on the back of his head.

I hate this new template i'm using, it screws up everything. I don't even remember how to get the old one back. If anybody knows how, leave me a comment.

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