Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long day

I swear Zen was on drugs or something today. I took him to work with me again today and he would not sit still. I caught him on the climbing wall and he quickly climb into my coat.

Then I walk out of the cubi-hole for a minute and when I came back he was tanning himself. This little dude was driving me nuts today.

After he finished tanning himself he insisted on helping me move some boxes with last fiscal years files (my hole is a storage area too). The joy of being the only man in the sales department. We have to keep the ladies' cubi-holes nice and clean.

Here he is lifting with his legs the way you are supposed to.

But then somebody called me and I kind off jerked the box and poor Zen took a nasty hit.

We had to call maintenance to come get him out, boy was he mad at me. It took us about 5 minutes to lift that box off him, we had to be very careful and block off the area while we worked getting him out from under the box.
After we got him all cleaned up and made sure he was ok. we gave him ibuprofen and a chocolate chip cookie and he was happy again.
Didn't I say earlier in a previous post he was going to get his, well there you have it. You better learn your lesson dude or is going to get worse. My camera pooped today and took my daughters camera and is still showing 2004. Change the date girl.

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