Sunday, November 15, 2009

Findley one more time

Trying to take advantage of the weather I headed out to Findley State park again this morning and it was better than yesterday. Ken, Ray, Randy and Chuck joined me. We did a fast 51 minute first lap and I decided to go on my own since I put in 3 laps yesterday. Yesterday I did a one lap warm up and then went for it and did a 49:35 lap with one nasty fall that bruised my left calf when the left pedal hit me. Today it was worse, I may have bruised ribs, can't take a deep breath and my chest hurts. In two days I did this section 5 times quite fast and today my front wheel hit one of the roots the wrong way and went down hard landing on my chest. I took a different line than the first 5 times and the 6th time was the winner. My saddle got all screwed up and it's going to saddle heaven. I need to get a new one it can't be fixed the rails are uneven now. That should tell you how hard I went down. For the weekend, a little over 5 hours and almost 50 miles, all off road. Not bad for November. Couple of short videos below.

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