Monday, November 23, 2009

Maiden SS Voyage

The SS 29er hit the dirt at Findley SP for the first time Sunday afternoon. I stopped a few times to make adjustmennts to the saddle and seat post. For all the talk about 29ers being slow on tight single track and slow to acelarate, I didn't find that much difference. Yes, on some really tight corners I felt I slowed down more that with my 26er but I atribute that to riding a 29er for the first time. I rode over roots that I would normally look for a better line with ease and without fear off slidding off. I felt like " I want a fully geared 29er now" but that will have to wait until my daughters last two years of college, some things are more important than self indulging. Any way getting back to the bike, the big wheel soaked up the roots, rocks and bumps better than my 26er. After a few adjustments I was able to ride most of the trail without stopping to adjust anything and the ride was great, cleaned every bump and little hills with no problem. Got back to the car, picked up another bottle and hit the trail again only to find my rear tire had a leak and it wasn't going to last  another mile. Turned around and was able to ride out. Had no spare 29er tubes since I had just picked up the bike Friday and I really didn't want to sit there and put a patch on the tube because I had NO patches either. I went home after only one lap but happy I was able to test it before the trails are to wet to ride.
Here she is, nice and dirty. Actually the trail was  in great shape and the only mud I got was on the tires.
One thing, I'm choppping one inch off each side on the handlebars, I can't ride with such wide handlebars.
If I had gears I could probably take off down a runway and get some air. Too wide for me. Let me know if anybody wants to trade a riser specialized handlebar before I trim them. I'm trying out a fllat carbon fiber handlebar frst and see how it goes. Risers are not for  me, I feel I'm on a cruiser bike.

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