Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First flat of the year

This morning I had my first flat of the year in the middle of nowhere on the bike and hike trail. The back tire started to feel strange and right away I'm like, no, not here. No choice but to stop and fix it, no worries mate. What really got me going was the hybrid guy from last week went by and didn't stop or even asked if I needed help. I yelled a not so pleasant hello to him and thanks for asking how I'm doing you jerk, it's dark, 46 degrees my fingers are hurting from not wearing the right gloves, I could've used a bit more light to finish putting the tube in.
Anyway, I needed to let some steam out of the cauldron. I can't wait to catch up to him again sometime in the future, I may just shove him in the ditch and laugh.
The rest of the ride was beautiful except when the ranger passed me to close and I yelled at him too. But I don't think he even noticed that he passed me that close. I think most drivers are like that, they think they are giving us enough room when they really aren't.

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