Friday, September 11, 2009

Single Speed crash

Oh yeah, I'm enjoying the SS so much I went back to Reagan park today for an easy ride this time. There I was trying to get an easy lap in and I didn't want to go to hard since I'm doing the Hancock Horizontal Hundred Sunday and the "Ho" and I are going to try to do a sub 5hr 100 miles. The ride is all flat and there's plenty of fast groups that all you have to do is latch on to a group and ride. Anyhow, back to the SS story, yeah doing an easy lap is easier said than done. You may start easy but the trails at Reagan wind you up in such a way that you end up picking up speed at every turn. Coming down to the last section by the paved path there's a huge pile of logs that I have gone over them may times and at a faster speed that I hit it today. What I forgot was that riding a bike with front suspension versus a fully rigid bike sometimes can be a little different, specially when you drop down from a two foot high pile of logs. The speed was high but nothing out of the ordinary, I hit the pile go over it and on the way down I lost control when the wheel went in and didn't come out. With a suspension fork I think I would have been able to regain control because it gives, but not with the rigid fork. I went down hard hit the ground with my face and helmet and to tell you how hard I hit, the helmet cracked in 3 places. The right side of my right knee is banged up, the left thumb feels like I sprained it. As I write I'm starting to feel more bruises, long live the SS. There I was on my knees, my neck cracked when I hit the ground and it is only by the grace of GOD that I'm not paralized right now. I got up walk around a little bit, sat on a log counted fingers, followed one finger from side to side talked to me, myself and whoever else was there, was anybody there, I think I was by myself, whatever. When I finally collected my thoughs my left hand was hurting so bad I rode back to the car and sat there meditating about what had just happened. I'm going back again, I'm having too much on the SS to let one of my many crashes scare me. Long live the SS, bring it on.
Here's a couple of pictures of my face, I'm sure is going to get worse, battle scars baby, battle scars. My neck hurts, I wonder why, I'm loosing my memory too.

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