Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Didn't forget today

First thing I did last night was fix my bottles for todays commute to work.
For my friend Darryl in Singapore which didn't let me forget yesterday.

The ride this morning was great. Monday after finding out I had no bottles I slowed down to a crawl not wanting to sweat to much and it took me 2:06. Today I felt ok as soon as I left the house and was't planning on riding tooo hard but then you see a blinking light out in the distance and you start pushing yourself to catch it. Lucky me, there was 3 carrots in front of me this morning. Caught the first one at the bike and hike, mind you it was like low to mid 60's temp and this rider was dressed like it was in the 40's. Jacket, tights, full finger gloves, I'm just wearing my arm warmers and my vest. I got hot just looking at him. He was riding a hybrid and apparently was commuting to work also. I wasn't planning on riding hard this morning but why is it that when you pass commuters or recreational riders they want to show you off. As I rode up to him you could see him starting to pick up the pace and I'm like, ok give me a good workout until you start dying and then I'll pass you. Well, not 3 minutes later he starts to slow down a bit and I pass him and increase the speed, he tries to stay with me but couldn't hold the speed and lost him. I kept going and see more bilinking lights ahead and I'm like let's go get them. This rider was cruising and I had to do a double take because he was riding with what look like flip flops, oh well to each it's own I guess. And finally the last blinking light was about 3 miles from work and caught him too. Wasn't planning on riding this fast or hard but I'm glad I did, took me 1:46 to get to work today, 31.5 hilly miles. I hope the legs are ok for the afternoon commute.

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