Thursday, September 24, 2009

That is it

After the way this week is going I decided Reagan TT was my last race. I was planning on doing the Swank 65 in Asheville NC but I'm going through one of my anemia bouts. I suffer from anemia and once in a while it hits me from out of nowhere. It had been a long time since last year in June when it hit me together with walking pneumonia and knocked me out for a couple of months. Since Sunday I haven't done anything, I get up tired go through the motions during the day and go to bed tired. Last night I forced myself to go to Reagan for an easy hour lap and had fun. Hopefully it all be over and I can go back to the gym to start swimming and working out again.
On another subject, I've been thinking abut turning my Trek 9.8 hardtail into a single speed. With the front suspension fork I won't get beat up and I can install disk brakes on it. Have you noticed I'm really starting to dig this SS stuff. I used to think single speeders where insane, now I'm part of that insane society "full speed ahead". What's next, a 29er in the future, hmmmm.

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