Thursday, September 10, 2009


Here's some pics of the SS and a few more. Can't miss me on the trails with this custom paint job. I bought the Paramount 1989 or 1990, can't remember. Raced it a few times then i stopped racing and riding all together for almost 10years.
I hate my camera, I swear is not me, it just seems that every picture I take comes out blurry for some reason. Any way feast your eyes on this beauty. Old style stem, hopefully I'll be able to find a 1 inch carbon fork somewhere so I can install a carbon stem and handlebar.
Oh yeah, I went back today after work to Reagan park to ride the SS once again. I had too much fun yesterday.

Next few pis are for my ride at Mohican last week. From the moment I jumped on my bike I was in pain, one of those days. So after a while of trying to push the pace I decided it wasn't worth it and took it easy and stopped to smell the roses and take pictures. All ride I wanted to bail out but I kept going and before I knew it it was over. In all it took me 2:47 ride time, plus 10 minutes of picture taking.

If you are a mountain biker and have had problems on the trail, you can't help but love this sign.
Although it should say "Share the Trail" Wouldn't it be nice if we all (hikers, horse back riders, mtb'ers) share the trails without any problems?

This was a big one and after taking the picture I had to run.

Who, what lives there.

And what's a set of pictures without my smiling face once again. This one was taken on the road.

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