Monday, February 6, 2012


Traveled today about an hr north to Ocala to hit the trails at Santos. We opted to do the Land Bridge trail and not do the vortex area. The vortex is a series of small loops and some of them are quite technical. The land bridge is a bridge over I75 for hikers, bikers, horse back riders and animals to cross over the highway. Our ride today started mellow but at times the race was on. 84 degrees and for us northerners it makes us suffer this time of the year. Did manage to fall hard and I have the bruise on my head and hip to prove it. Somehow I hit a small lip on short drop and my front wheel slid from under me so fast I didn't even take my hands of the handlebar and hit the ground with my face and helmet. I had to stay down for a couple of minutes to gather myself.
On the way back it was more of the same, mellow pace and race mode for miles, flying through the woods like a runaway train. Lots of fun today, rest day tomorrow and back to San Felasco on Wednesday. So far 14+ hrs on the bike in 5 days.

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