Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mental suffering

I'm mentally depressed, dry and 30's today, good enough for a 3-4 hr day on the bike without having to worry about frostbite. I'm planning on 1 hr on the trainer today. I tried it yesterday and went through every gear and felt good. The importance of having a good bike fit where your body is not fighting the bike is the key to enjoying the ride/race and using all your energy in a efficient manner. That's the reason I'm going to be able to ride the trainer until  I'm able to ride outside. The bike fit I prefer is the "wobble naught" Ive had it done on my road and mtb and I'me very happy with it.
I was talking about being depress and go off into bike fit. I guess is a depress/worry feel I have about losing training time when your whole season is centered around one race, Transylvania Epic at the end of May and that's where my worries come from, 7 straight days of racing. This is my first stage race and I want to be at a 100%. Too much money paid to just go ride around in the woods.
I'm going to stop worrying and just keep going and let everything fall where it falls, lets just be thankful I didn't break my head wide open or broke something else and I can still walk. It doesn't matter how bad you have it, there's always somebody else in worst shape or condition than you.
Rant over, out of my chest, time to enjoy life because I'm alive and in "good" health.

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