Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have decided to end my self imposed coffee ban and start drinking again (coffee that is). I have not had a cup of coffee since December 31st. and I really have not had any coffee cravings and didn't get headaches like many people get when they try to quit.
 I was just trying to find out if it really made a difference in my sleep and most importanly, getting up at night to "pee". A lot of times we think we have it bad when we get up 2-4 times a night until you talk to people that have been in the hospital because they can't go and have to be caterized and have to carry a bag. I've been taking my medication plus "Hammer PSA pills and feel great. I'm not on that 'Phlomax" stuff, I guess I'm in better shape that others. What I take has made a big difference, I only get up 2 times at night most nights. Why am I writing such a personal post? A lot of times we are too proud and stupid to go the doctor or even admit that we have a problem and all we are doing is making it worse. Don't delay if you feel you have a problem, it could lead to worse problems, talk to your doctor, talk to your friends, there's nothing to be ashamed off. I've been there, go take care of it.
Anyways, I fell off the wagon and I'm drinking again, I want to know if it really made a difference. Here's to coffee, it makes the body goooood. And I don't drink that weak crap, I drink the real thing.
Espresso in a regular coffee maker, try it, you'll like it

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