Saturday, February 4, 2012


Traveled to Florida last Wednesday for a week of riding with Chuck and spending the week at Ken's house. Ken,Karen and Ken's parents have been very gracious hosts. We are fortunate to have such good friends.
Wednesday night we stayed south of Georgia. We went out to get a subway sub, it was dark raining did I mentioned it rained from Cincinnati all the way down to Georgia. Anyways, I started to drive across the road and never saw a semi truck coming from the right and he slammed on the brakes and blew the horn. I kind of in shock and kept driving then I noticed the truck following us around the hotel parking lot, I never stopped and kept going and he kept chasing. We drove to a country road and he was still chasing, I had to flor it and drove into a small subdivision and finally lost him. Is not like I want to be plowed into by a semi, did I do it on purpose, NO. I could hardly eat my sub after that. We were looking out the window every half hr expecting my car windows to be smashed. Luckily, nothing else happened that night.
The next day we took off at 7 for a 4 hr drive to San Felasco preserve and ride before arriving at Kens. We rode for 1.5 on some real nice trails. On one of the trails I almost ran over a 5 foot long rattle snake. It was a heck of a scare.
Arrived at Ken got settled And immediately started planning Fridays recon ride at Croom. Met up with Ray on Friday and rode the short loop at Crom to losen up the legs. Croom is located in the withlacooche forest and the Swamp club has built 50 miles of trails that are fast and fun. The pit area has a lot of up and downs that hurt you after a while of hammering through the trails. Saturday we were up at 6 am, got ready and rode the couple of miles to the start and signed up. We were the first ones to take off and never saw anybody until we were on the last 5 miles and started passing the people that only rode the 35 miles. This is were the new bell I bought for the bike came in handy, ring the bell and let them know we were coming. We came up behind a slow rider and I kept ringing the bell and he would not move, finally I said "hey amigo, we want to pass" We passed him on a wide enough area and we still had to cut him off. Later Ken told me that when I asked him to move he said he was going fast enough, I was so glad I didn't hear him because I probably would have gone ballistic on him. You are not going fast guy, we caught you from behind and we did the 50, you are only doing the 35. After the ride we had a little bit of food there and rode back to Ken and had a great picnic, thanks Karen and Arlene for the food.
3 maybe 4 more days of riding and then is time to head back to cold Ohio and ride again bundled up.
Pics will be posted when I get back, I'm posting from an iPad and I haven't figured out how to download pics. More tomorrow from sunny and hot Florida.

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