Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Florida pics

Few pics of the time spent in Florida which was a well spent time.
Almost 200 miles and 20 hrs of riding trails with maybe 5 miles of pavement. And who ever says FL is flat, please slap him or her on the mouth. 7 days of riding, total acumulated elevation gain, 7200feet. May not sounf like much but there's a lot of small climbs that add up. San Felasco was one of the best trails we rode where I almost rode over this,
A beautiful diamond back...I hate snakes.
Visited tarpon Springs, the US sponge Bob capital of Florida but took no pics of sponges, you see one you've seen them all. I could not believe some of those sponges sold for over $200.00, should've taken a pic. instead I took a pic of this,

Hey, there's sponges on the boat, didn't even noticed.

 We found the gnome while riding at Santos. In Florida you'll find gnomes hidden somewhere on the trail and the first one to find see yells and moves it to a different place where it can be found again. Look for Gnomes at Reagan, the new trail in Strongsville and Findley this summer.

The leaf on the velcro hung in there for days and I just left it there until it fell off.

Overall it was agreat week of riding with friends pushing each other to the max.
Now, back to reality and winter is back.

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