Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The crash heard around the basement

Intervals night on the rollers, last 30 second interval of 30 for the night, 33mph, 5 seconds to go and I don't know what happened, slipped off the rollers and hit the stationary trainer leg with my left side. Result: two broken ribs and a huge bruise on my left tricep. One rib is overlapped, the other one was a clean break, OUCH.
I've done pretty good the last year and a half with no bad crashes or visits to the hospital. But this could not come at the worst time with the Transylvania Epic stage race at the end of May. This is really going to slow me down at least for a "week" I wish it was only a week. 6-8 weeks to heal. This will only slow me down for a short period of time. I'm so upset with myself, training is (was) just perfect and I feel I am way ahead of last year at this time. Ashville weekend is coming the second weekend in March and as painful it may be, I'm still going, I'll just ride the gravel roads and do a lot of gravel road climbing. Does it sound like I'm just blabbering, well I'm on narcotics, what do you expect, I feel real good right now. They gave me something that's stronger than morphine the nurse said. Yeah, I feel good, what's that over there, never mind it's just my buddy the pink elephant, no just my white dog.
I wanted to show off my six pack but I couldn't hold my breath long enough. I really don't look this fat, it's just the picture you know, makes you look big. O yeah, I'm feeling good, can't wait for the next dose.

looks like I'm going to have to eat less for a while, in the meantime let me just finish off the pork chops my lovely wife cooked for dinner.

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