Friday, May 20, 2011

Race schedule, finally able to post one

The past 3 years I never had a race schedule because I was either hurt or sick with something.
Well, it is almost the end of may and I'm still in one pc. so here it goes for what is worth.

June 19th, Reagan park Time trial, Ohio
July 2nd, Stoney Creek Marathon, 40 miles, Michigan
July 4th. Twinn Sizzler road race, Medina, Ohio
July 9th. Boyne Mtn. 35 miles Michigan
July 17th. Iron Mountain, 65 miles, Damascus, Virginia
August 7th. Thorn TT, Findley, Ohio
August 21st. Rattling Creek, 50 miles, somewhere in PA
October 1st, Grampian Challenge, 40 miles, Michigan

Still looking for 3 more to make it an even 10 mtb. races.
Whether I do all of them depends on the weather, work, family and health. Looking forward to racing this year.

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