Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger down / Michigan race

Blogger was down most of the day today and my last post was erased. No biggie I'll post another Global Intelligence on Monday.
 Right now I have everything ready for tomorrows 6hr race in Michigan.
Tent, chair, bottles are ready, enough supplements, gels, food, 70% chance of RAIN, wind gusts of up to 20-25 mph. Yep, I'm ready. Getting up ar 4:30 to set up the goals and should be on my way by 8am, arriving at the race venue around noon for a 2pm start with the 12hr race starting at 8pm. Hope to do well and finished in the top 10 in the 40+ wich is the oldest age group at this race so I'll be competing against guys up to 15 years younger. No problem there, I'm ready for anything. Don't know how many people have signed up or will race since it has rained there the last two days. let you know on Sunday afternoon.

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