Thursday, May 26, 2011

How wet is it?

I have ducks living in my front yard. And there's isn't even standing water there, is all in the back yard.

 I was finally able to cut the grass tuesday and in the process our dog was found. He had been lost in the jungle for days.
Squezed one good hr of riding right after work yesterday. Went to the tow path with the fixie that's not fixed.
It had rained on the Peninsula side of CVNRA and the trail was wet and of course and didn't put the frenders on.
 At least I was on my bike, with all the storms last night again the roads were very wet and some of the park roads were closed due to flooding or down trees. Hopefully no more today but that s not the case. Is already raining and more storms prdicted for the day.

The Cucamonga river was running low yesterday but I'm sure it is running high today as the park roads were closed by the fords.

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