Thursday, May 19, 2011

Duck weather/week

After the race on Saturday I took Sunday off even though my legs felt really good. Besides, it rained all day. How did you like the brief 30 min appearance by the sun yesterday morning. It did feel good and it looked like it was going to stick around but didn't. Monday it was the same as the last two months, more rain. I still rode two hrs under the rain on my Fixie that's not fixed turned hybrid single speed that's not fixed. Talk about SS bikes, after I put away my Orbea Alma las year because I was selling it, I only rode my SS29er  (besides my road bike) and I never thought I would enjoy riding SS's as much as I do. There's times when I'm heading out on a road ride and I debate whether to take the SS or my geared bike. There's something about riding SS that's appeals to me. Is like going back in time and being a little kid again, I just enjoy it. and that's all I have to say about that. Tuesday it finally hit me, I subbed a spinning class in the morning and my legs finally felt the effort from Sunday, I don't know why it took a couple of days but I was hurting. Last night it was riding under the rain again with what else, the SS. So much water standing everywhre I'm really going to start building my own ark. Places that normally are dry even when it rains have standing water. Today I'm resting again and heading downtown to my daughters graduation. Saturday heading back to Stoney creek to ride again since the trails here will be unridable until the end of July.

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