Monday, May 23, 2011

Nice weekend

It was a nice weekend with just a small shower in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Saturday Ray and I went back to Stoney Creek in Michigan and put in a good 2.5hrs on the trails. Sunday some of the guys went to  Mohican and found out it was in great shape. I decided to take Sunday to do much needed yard work thinking I'll ride to work Monday morning. Monday morning came and I just stayed in bed for another 1.5 hrs. I'm not to entuse about riding under thunderstorms and that's what the weather people are predicting for the afternooon. The real story is I didn't want to get up and found the thunderstorms a goood excuse to sleep in. I did bring enough clothes to work to ride in at least twice this week. With a 32 mile one way hilly commute the less weight I carry in my pack the better it is.
I'll be watching the weather al week and hopefully do Mohican Saturday and maybe Sunday too to make it and even two days of fun and pain.
Have a great one.

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