Saturday, May 7, 2011

Michigan bound

Got up at 5:30 this morning to set up the goals
And then gather all my stuff and drove 3:20 to Stoney Creeck in Rochester Michigan to check out a race course for a 6 hr race I'm doing may 14th. The weather was great, unlike here where it rained on and off the whole day. Bright sun and clear skies with bone dry trails had me giggilng like a little kid. Took both bikes and rode the ss for 1.5 hrs and the Jamis for 1hr. Perfect place for a ss. Ran a 34x18 and it was perfect, a few short steep little hills all rideable. Fast flowing single track with bermed turns to carry your speed through the turns.

The single track was fast twisty wuth just one short rock garden in the whole place. Should be a great fun race. Hopefully it'll stay dry up there. 2 pm start for the 6hr and 8am start for the 12 hr race.
Also thinking about doing my first 100 miler at the end of the month.
Happy Mothers Day

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