Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Went to Findley State park Sunday and I couldn'e believe how dry the trail was. I thought it would be somewhat soft and mussy in some spots but it was completely dry. Ken, Ray and I started at 8am and Chuck showed up later. 3 laps later and another weird crash and I was ready to go home. Going up a short steep bump my front whel hit a small stump and down for the count. My thigh hit a root and it's been sore for the last 2 days plus I didn't wear my elbow guard and yes, I hit the elbow. It's never going to heal since I always afall on my left side.
Got a ride in to work and I'll be riding home in the afternoon on the 1 x 9. First time on it for a long ride, hopefully nothing will go wrong, I  never did tested on the road only on the rollers.
have a great sunny day.

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