Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend wrap up

I'll start with Friday. Nothing much, got up early and went downstairs for some upper body and core work for 45 mins. In the evening we went to my nephews b-day in Parma and what a shock when we came out of the house at 11pm. 2 inches of snow on the ground. Drove 5 miles to Strongsville and nothing, not even a flake floating in the air.
Got up fairly early on Saturday, got coffee sat down with the PD and headed downstairs again around 10am to get ready and do a short 1-2 hr ride. Never came back up until after 4pm. I started re-arranging everything, cleaning bikes you name it I did it. Before and after pictures.

Got a good no, very good deal that I just couldn't pass up, $184.00 for a pair of shimano SH-R310 custom fit road shoes. Now all I need to find out is who can do the custom fit for me.

Yesterday (Sunday) Ken picked me up an we headed to Oberlin to the "Red Flannel" ride.
32 at the start but it warmed up to a cozy 40 something by the time we finished. Very windy day but we rode with a group for most of the day. Afterward we head to Fresh Start restaurant in Oberlin for breakfast. Stop by sometime for some great food.

I don't want to speak for him but, it doesn't look like he's having fun riding that big wheel. it loook more like he's in pain.

Have a great Monday and don't for get to be nice to somebody, make their day.

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