Monday, November 22, 2010

Great weekend weather

Another great weekend weather wise for riding. Saturday had two spin classes plus and intro class for a good 2:15 workout. After the classes I hit the hot tub at the rec for 15 mins., headed home and put in 3 solid hrs of yard work. Went to Carrie Cerinos for dinner with the "old" guys and had a great time. The food was excellent and the company was better.
Sunday got up at 6am and after Ken decided to go to the knob, I headed down to Mohican for maybe the last time this year. The trail was in perfect shape with the rain early in the week. I took it easy for the first 11 miles until the covered bridge since the leaves were wet still from the rain or the morning dew. I didn't want the wheels to slide from under me and get banged up again because of being careless on a humid trail. After the bridge on the other side of the mountain it looked like it had never rained at all. The trail was drier and fast. I only ran into two other riders going the opposite way and they warned me about the hunters. I did hear shots in the parking lot before I took off, so every few minutes I was hitting my bell a couple times just in case. Made back it safe and with no holes to the parking lot and there was a lot of people out on the trail, counted 23 cars. Great day for a ride, all the cyclocrossers  had a great day in Cleveland also.

Upper 60's for the high today but rain and wind. Time to put the fenders on the 1x9 or the single speed.
Hoping to put in a few hrs on the saddle over Thanksgiving weekend.
Have a great day everyone and don't get wet.

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