Friday, November 5, 2010

Harms way

On my commute to work by car I see many runners on the road doing their early morning run. Must of the runners that run on the parkway road that has no paved path have their reflective clothing on or blinking lights and you can see them from a safe distant. Then there's the "stupid" ones that on a rainy dark day like today choose to run on the freaking road with no lights and a vest that should have been discarded 10 years ago, even though this section of the park in the Bedford reservation has a very good path to run on. They run on the freaking pavement and don't move to the side when they see you, well I can't see you either until I'm right on top of you, you stupid moron. I almost stopped to say something but why bother and probably get into a heated argument that's going to go nowhere because he or she will defend their "right" to run on the road. If you want to run on the road, make yourself visible, I have nothing against that, it's the stupidity that really gets to me. I ran for many years until my back gave up on it and never did put myself in harms way, didn't want to end up in the hospital or my kids grow up without a dad.
Be SMART out there people.
This brings me to another subject on riders riding with headphones on listening to music. Again you can do what you want but you are putting yourself in danger. It would be real bad if someone visited you at the hospital and leaned over you and whisper in your ear "car back" while you lay there with multiple broken bones. Sounds mean and callous, call it what you want. Why put yourself in harms way, be smart and don't get hurt and then blame somebody else for your stupidity.
Enjoy the run, enjoy the ride in a safe way.
Sorry but I needed to vent.
See you at the "Red Flannel".

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