Friday, November 12, 2010

Nice day yesterday

The temps hit 60+ yesterday in a beautiful sunny day. Thought about riding the SS since I got home early from the doctor (more later) but opted to rake leaves, and you say "what?". I had my spinning class and weights in the morning so I decided against riding, it had to get done before it rains again. Gutters need clean "again" more raking in the back yard and hopefully cut the grass for the last time. But then again, I'll like to cut it again in December  which it would mean the weather has been warm and not to rainy, bring it on. two 1.5 hrs lates the front yard was done, finished in the dark.
Got up at 4:20am this morning and jumped on the rollers for 45 mins and light core work

Yeah buddy, it is safer to put your rollers on the treadmill and ride. I can do it witout the treadmill but I do it this way because I haven't mastered drinking water while riding yet. I can ride with one hand but when it comes to drinking, watch out. This way I can stop hold on to the handles, drink, towell off and ride, all in less than 10 secs.
Anyway, I been having "man" problems so I decided to make an appointment and see what's going on.
Talk to the doc and after she did the "moooon river" on me and told me not to laugh while she s... her f... in my a... whoa woman, that just didn't feel right. Blood work PSA samples and seeing the urologyst at the end of the month. Noot too long but long enough to make you think.
Thoughts will be for a different post.
In the meatime, don't forget to make somebody smile.

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