Friday, November 19, 2010

Didn't have much to write about, no blogging for a few days.
Last Sunday Ken and I headed to Mohican for a lap, With Ken on his new Superfly 29er full suspension maiden voyage and me trying to keep up on my single speed 29er. We rode at what I would call a very controlled speed and ended up with a solid 2:35. lap. Monday I hitched a ride to work and rode home. Left at 4:30 and within 45 mins. the lights were on, it gets dark fast and the temps plummet faster than the stock market on a bad day. Had my toe covers on but riding with your regular summer shoes and wool socks is not recommended this time of the year. The rest of the week I've been taking it easy, 2 days at the gym for my spin classes (did I mentioned I'm a spin instructor) and 3 easy weight sessions sessions. The spin class has been growing steady and had the largest atendance Thursday with 10. Not many people want to make my class at 5:45am twice a week. With only 16 bikes, 10 spinners is a good day. Should get a few more in the next few weeks, there's still a couple of the regulars from last year that haven't showed every week. Next week is time to start serious training towards next year.
I'm really looking forward to next year, more news on that at a later date.
Saturday is a two class spin morning and yard work in the afternoon. Sunday we are heading down to Mohican again for a 9:30amd start. Join us for a lap, the trail should be in great shape. The afternoon will be spent watching the BROWNS play another good game.
Tonight, maybe an hr. or two on the bike path in Stronsville on the fixie.
Have a great day and weekend.

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