Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 weeks

I have 3  weeks to get ready for this race. I'm hoping for god weather. I don't want to drive 7hrs to do a muddy 65 miles off road in the middle of nowhere specially when I'm planning to camp the night before. The race is based out of the small Appalachian trail town of Damascus which looks to be a cool place. No hotel chains here, only B & B with a few other small places. Rode in to work yesterday and down in the valley the temps dropped to 51 degrees. It's summer and almost July and I'm still wearing long sleeves to ride to work. It actually makes for a nice cool ride in. Thick fog in a few places but with my 5 blinking lights I'm very visible on the road. Was hoping for back to back days and when I went to bed there was a 70% chance of rain in the morning; I get up and of course everything is dry and the threat of rain was downgraded to just a few showers in the morning and partly cloudy/sunny in the afternoon.
Short interval workout tonight at h-hill and I'll ride in to work tomorrow and then rush in the afternoon to my evening spinning class, have to keep race money coming in.
Have a great day, get out and ride.

Hitting Mohican Friday morning at 7:30am.

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