Monday, July 4, 2011

Week andTwinn Sizzler

Haven't been blogging much because I've been on my bike, what have you been doing?
Had a good week of hard riding getting ready for the 100K mtb race I'm doing in Virginia on the 17th og this month. Friday I was off from work and headed down to Mohican for a a full loop with Ken and Ray. The trail was in great shape, a little dusty in some places where you had to be careful on fast turns, other than that, very fast trail. We had a lot of fun with Ken making Ray and I chase him on hi full suspension 29er rig.

Today we all headed to the 36th annual Twinn Sizzler road race (26 miles). This is a very low key race with very high attendance that's a lot of fun to do. They fo every five years in the age groups and all age groups get quite a few racers. My group had over 35 when we lined up. I always take this race as a good workout that you are not going to do on your own. for some people is their highlight for the year and that's fine with me as long as you know how to ride in a big group. The first few miles are flat or rolling until Kennard hill where Ken set the fast pace up the hill and then I took over. We kept it fast over the hill until we started to go down and I looked back and only 7 of us made it all the way up. After I barked a few times that we needed to get going and not let anybody join us, we seemed to get organized for all of about 10 minutes. Way to long pulls and one guy putting one accelaration after another, I decided I was going to sit in and just cover a few moves. Henry put an accelaration that hurt everybody and my legs were screaming at him but a great move to see how everybody was doing.  Once on Smith road on the last incline I put a long hard pull  and everybody was there over the top. Ok, time to move back and rest the legs for the end.The s turns came and I had the best position I've had in the last few years of doing this race, second around the corner, but I hesitated a bit at the railroad tracks and that's were I lost the wheel and ended up chasing and finished second by a bike length. I don't do a lot of road races but in my age group there's a lot of good riders out there. Yeah you are wondering about my age right? I'm just going to say 50 and over. for the day we ended up with almost 24 mph avearage for 26 miles, that's according to my Garmin

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