Monday, June 6, 2011

Mohican / Summer hours

Got up early Saturday and met a couple of team mates behind the church in Loudonville. Loaded my car with a cooler and their stuff and headed to see the start. this year they started the 100's first and 15 minutes later the 100k's. A half hr would have been better since the 65's started catching the back of the 100's quite fast.

Steve and his new Groovy bike

Nobody doest it better than Ross, fixing cleats with 5 minutes to spare.
Ray in Red, cool, calm and collected.
The race started and I drove over to the first aid station which was already getting full with people and cars.
Waited there for a about 1:45 chatting with support crews, husbands and wives. Ross came through and the exchange was no more than 20 seconds. He told me that Steve's chain snapped as they enterd the state forest trail. Last year he broke a handlebar he's taken the wrong turn because of poor or no signage, what else can go wrong for him at this race, remains to be seen. One day you'll have the perfect Mohican 100K race. He made it to aid station one and had to fix his saddle. In the meantime I shoved food in his mouth and gave him two fresh bottles. The second station was off limits to crews and spectators because it is a private residence. At station 3 I met up with some of the same people that were at station one and kept the conversation going. I can talk the ears off your head if you let me. Ross came through in either second or third and the exchange was even shorter than the first one which enable him to leave aid station 3 together with Carson and they had a good race going. a\At one time Ross was 3 minutes behind and he finished 1 minute and one second behind the winner in under 5 hrs at 4:56:58. Steve with all his problems came in in the top 25. Ray Finished 15th out of 42 starters in the master men division. Tom Franek made it in in 7th for a good showing from the Edge Outdoors team.
I'll try to download a few more pis tomorrow, right the puter doesn't want to download.

Summer hours started today at work which means I have to get up at 4am now when I commute to work on my bike. I had a good ride in today and the rest of the week is going to be easy shorter rides and Friday the "Ho" and I are heading up to Michigan to do the "Michigan Mountain Mayhem" 200 K and 10k of accumulated elevation. Any ways, summer hours are 9 hour work days Mon-Thur. with friday afternoons off. Not a bad deal for the whole summer.

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