Monday, June 20, 2011

Reagan TT

Reagan came and went. Didn't race it since  was helping with the start and doing some last minute taping to make sure nobody got lost and nobody had taken down the yellow tape.
felt sorry for the begginers, rain came down hard just minutes after the last one left. I was sweeping the trail and got out of there as fast as I could. I 'll get wet but not muddy was my thought. Some of the begginers mentioned they felt they were riding up river in some parts of the trails. It came down hard.
The trail was in great shape before the rains came down but like one begginer said at the end while spitting dirt out " it is mountain biking". Thanks dude, great attitude. We had a rider from Florida stop by and race the TT and ended up winning overall, Drew Edsall, fresh from doing the Transylvania Epic stage race. Got to talk to him a little about that race and all my resources and rime will be dedicated to that race next May 2012.
Keep your bike in a safe place, we don't want a fairy to die if its stolen.

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