Thursday, June 2, 2011

6 days in a row

It sure has been nice riding weather the past 6 days with no rain and up and down temps. I rode in to work on Tuesday in short sleeves leaving the house at 5:30am. The afternoon temps were in the 90's and very humid. Today I had long sleeves and knee warmers for another 5:30 am start at 53 degrees. Once the sun came out I was starting to get hot but I was only a few miles from work no sense in stopping to peel off clothes. With my commute home in the afternoon I'll have close to 17hrs in the last 6 days. Last night it was a spin class and an easy spin on the fixie that's not fixed. I may even ride in again tomorrow since I'm not riding Saturday. On Sta I'm going down to Mohican to do my Director Sportif duties for some of the guys in my team that are doing the 100K. I'll be passing out bottles and food and driving from one aid station to another. At least is going to be dry unlike last year when it pour the night before and the entire day of the ride.
Have a great one and do something outside today.

Built by the Order of the Knights of St. John, which held the town as a bastion during the Crusades

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