Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good ride home

The commute home last night went without any troubles. Nobody trying to run me off the road, no honking no yelling. And it is a full moon out, maybe it shuould stay hot and humid it seems it makes people slow and lethargic.
I left work at 5pm and right away I could feel my legs didn't recover from the morning commute. Normally I do 3-5 intervals of various distances and or time, I got through with 2 and decided to switch to a slow strength ride. That didn't feel that much better but it felt better than the intervals, so it was the big ring all the way from Solon to Strongsville and I can feel the ache in my knees this morning. 1:50 in the morning, 1:41 in the afternoon, same route same distance. Time to go raid the company first aid kit for Ibuprofen.

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