Monday, July 19, 2010

Everything came in pairs

First mtb race of the year yesterday, the "Thorn TT" at Findley State Park. Got up early watched the TDF for an hr and heade dto Findley. My 29er geared bike is not in yet so I took my SS 29er with a smaller 18 tooth cog for all the flat longer sections of the course. The night before the park got some heavy rain and parts of the course were muddy with all the roots and rocks wet and slippery when I pre-rode at 10am. but drying fast and by the time I started some of the mud holes had almost dried out. I went out with the thought of just going at a safe pace since this is only my 6th time off roading since I dislocated my shoulder and I don't want to go through that again. Pretty soon I found myself going as hard as I could hold the pace and fall number one came at one of the benched turns that was a little slippery. While I was trying to get up and pop the chain back on (number one) Ray which had started 20secs behind me went by. I quickly re-mounted and took off but this time being more careful on the turns and trying to make up the time on the straight sections. Going accross the first road section and back into the woods I see the roots coming and for some stupid reason I take a different line that I always take through this section and slipped on the roots and went down hard (number two) the chain popped again (number two) I popped the chain back on re-mounted and plop, plop, plop both tires had burped the air out when I went down. I have never seen this and I thought, my race was over I only have one tube and could see myself walking out of the woods pushing my bike. I quickly pulled my 16grm co2 out of my pocket tried it and to my luck neither tire had come of the rim and both inflated enough where I was able to finish the race in 50:13. Not bad considering I haven't been riding of road, fell twice, chain popped twice, both tires burped. I have some harder training to do for the next TT, I had to back off my pace a couple times or I would have exploded.At the end of the day  I was happy to be off roading again.
Happy trails...

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