Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bored out of my mind

When a wedding shower is at your house..what is a man suppose to do?
Shut up and go out to the garage and start working on the picket fence again. That only lasted about an hr. because I was listening to the... I'm not saying anything that may incriminate me. So, I waited for the mailwoman, got the mail, nothing interesting, no bills, thank you. Next step, the computer to read todays Velo News TDF articles. While sitting here, it came to my mind that I have neglected the blog for too long. So here I'm trying to write while listening to all that... I'm not saying it, I'm not saying it. I'm staying to help make the coffee and it's been over an hr and nobody has asked for any, I should have gone to Findley to test the smaller cog I put on my single speed for tomorrow's time trial. I had a 20 and last week I was spinning myself brainless at 15 miles per hr. I installed an 18 and this time I'll spin myself brainless once more at 16 miles per hr. It is the smaller one I have so that'll have to do. I know I'm going to loose some time on the straight aways but who cares, I'm doing it because I want to have some fun. I'm not going to be taking chances, I don't want to slide on one of the turns put my left arm out and hurt myself again, I've only ben off road 5 times since the crash. I have been riding the road most of the time putting in 2-3 hrs  rides. Did the Twinn Sizzler and finished third, again for I think the fifth or six time in my age group. This year I had good position sitting third wheel but didn't have the legs so I just watched that nobody would pass me on the sprint. Last year I had the legs but forgot where the turn was and had to chase and took third again and got beat by half a wheel and a bike length respectively. Can you tell I'm bored out of my mind? I'm going to go watch the TDF again and watch Vino "I didn't dope" Vinoukourov win the stage. Maybe if I turn the TV loud enough I won't hear all the... Maybe I should just go to the basement to put all my things together for tomorrow...nah, I'm watching the TDF again. I'm really proud of myself by holding back saying cackling, darned it, I said it. Well' it's the truth and nothing but the truth. Tie me up and flog me ok. This thought just came to me, why is the house so hot?

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