Sunday, July 25, 2010

Raystown Lake Trails, PA

Loaded the car and headed to Raystown lake for the second time in less than a month.
It's a 5hr drive but it's worth it. Made it Thursday afternoon and quickly set up camp and headed out for a ride. The first night was great, I chose a campsite that had only 8 more campsites and it was very quiet except since it was at the top of the mountain you could hear the motor boats down by the lake. Friday night was different, a bunch of guys showed up and talked and listen to music until midnight. Not bad, the music was good and they weren't really loud plus they were across the road from me. The people next to me showed up at 9:30pm and at 1:30 in the morning I had to go there and got on the guys face (literally since he was standing) and told him it was time to be quiet. He quickly apologized and sent everybody to sleep...jackass.
Anyways, Friday I put in 2 hrs plus a couple more on my kayak early in the morning.
Saturday got up at 6am and was out by 7. 3 hrs later I was back had breakfast  and laid on the hammock for a while. After a couple hrs. got ready and headed out for another 2 hrs. When I got back I dismantled everything and headed home. I had enough, 7.5 hrs all on my single speed, I was beat but happy. The place is just single speed heaven. I have to admit I had a grin on my face every time I asked to pass on the hills by asking people to let me pass because I was on a SS. It wasn't easy and I worked my butt off but I really enjoy riding the SS. There was times were I thought I was going to walk the bike up a switchback but I found enough energy to haul my but around it.
Anybody wants to go and camp, I'm all for it, I can't get enough of that place.
In all, 7.5 hrs and almost 70 miles.

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