Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nice weekend

The temps were in the 30's but overall it was a good weekend. Yesterday did my two spinning classes and the first one was a killer. I call it the L.A hill climb. All we do is climb for 30 minutes with lots of resistance and speed changes, which I call "pick ups" almost like hitting switchbacks on your road bike. I split it in 30secs, 1,2,3  minutes sitting and standing for that amount of time.
Today I went out around 1:45 and put in 3:05 and 45 miles on the mtb going down to the boat docks in Rocky River and back. Nice ride just one short steep hill everything else is flat with a little grade once in while. Coming back I was dying the last two miles, I had the wind in my face  all the way back. All I wanted to do was spin around 80-100 rpms and that's all I did. Didn't care how fast I was going as long as my legs were moving fast.

Did manage to do some more clean up and started to give the tools a place were I can find them without having to search all over the place. It's looking a lot better. After todays ride I had lots of food rested a bit and went back down to start boxing the bike to FEDEX it to PR on Tuesday. Put new tires on new stans and new stems and valves, I'm getting to be an expert with tubeless tires, gets easier every time.
Then I caught Mr. Zen using up my minutes, searching google for Barbie.

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