Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Early Christmas gathering

Since we (as in wife and me) are going to PR on Thursday we decided to have our gift exchange early this year. we went to a Christmas musical play at Grace church that was great, very well done to honor the KING, Jesus.
Anyway, we came back to the house for coffee and cheese cake which by the way I had none of it, I'm down one pound and I'm not gaining it back, (well, after tonight I probably gained it back, had a couple of Honey Browns and 39 cent wings at Cleats did me in) and tomorrow is the office Christmas party with lots of good food. I bought two sushi platters and I'll probably eat half of one. I'll be getting up early tomorrow to run and by early I mean early, 4:15am.

The Zen man got into the act too. He drank a whole bottle of Sprite and got up twice as many times as I got up to pee. Stuffed his face with cheesecake too, the little pig. He's going with us to PR so I'm sure he's going to have some stories to tell you.
I'll let you know tomorrow how the office party went.

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