Sunday, December 13, 2009

Findley, again

With the temps in the teens for a few days we decided to go and give Findley a try and see if the ground was hard enough to ride. A trace of snow on the ground and a few muddy spots was all we found, the trail was perfect and a 100% rideable. Wow, is December and we are still riding off road up here in the Cleveland area. Of course the ride is not complete if I don't fall. Coming around a corner the sun was in my eyes and didn't see a small tree, hit it with my handlebar and went down, it's just part of my ritual as a mountain biker.
put in almost 3 laps with Ken, Ray and Chuck all of us riding single speeds.

I wonder what Zen is doing now...

The bike did get mud on it and it turned into cement because the temps were in the low 30's. On the way home dropped some stuff at Kevins house and took 71 back home. As soon as I hit the exit I could see the line of cars going to the mall. It took me 15 minutes to drive 1/4 of a mile. Then I started thinking, the bike is muddy, my water hose is probably frozen since I left it outside the car needs a wash from all the salt hmmm...
took a quick right at the Lazer car wash and both bike and car were nicely washed and waxed,all I need is to oil the chain and a little more cleanup in a couple of spots the water didn't wash off the mud.
Below is a short vid of the ride.

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