Monday, August 24, 2009


Left the house at 4:45am this morning for my 2hr commute to work on the bike, 6 miles down the road I reach down to grab a bottle to drink and no bottles. I start to panic but calmed down right away, I figured I'll drink at the next metropark picnic area on top of Ridge road and then stop in Brecksville and buy a couple of bottles somewhere. I climbed the hill and get to the picnic area and it was so dark I freaked out, the water spicket is way in the back and it smells like a skunk is near. I decide to keep going to Brecksville and buy water there, to my dismay the baggel place opens at 6am. McDonalds was also closed, Giant Eagle was closed, no vending machines anywhere, don't anybody opens earler that 6am. It's 5:20am am not about to wait 20 minutes for a store to open so I keep going and I'm thirsty. My next water stop is in the Bedford Reservation at the Rangers shack and I was hoping the bathroom would be open and it was. I drank enough for two people and kept going, Now my stomach is telling me I drank too much. Finally I made it to work and as of this moment I don't feel that bad. Let's see how the commute home feels this afternoon. Think ...Dummy.

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