Friday, August 14, 2009

The weeks

Since the race in NC I've been riding every other day to rest the elbow. It is still very tender and I can feel the vibration of the road through the handlebars. I still haven't been off road since the race and I have two more off road races I want to do in October and November, I should be ok by then. It feels a lot better everyday. I know is tender when I forget to wear the elbow guard and place the elbow on the desk at work "ouch". Today the "HO" and I are driving to Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia for the Cheat ride tomorrow. I hope all the miles I've put in so far are enough because I really haven't done any rides longer han 65 miles in the last 3 weeks and the ride is 108 and 10,000 feet of climbing. The last and first time I did this ride it rained for 80 miles and the temps were in the high 50's to low 60's for most of the ride. And what hurts the most is the last 6 miles, straight up to the resort. The weather is supposed to be in the low 70's for the weekend, PERFECT.
After the ride we'll enjoy a couple of brews and I'm looking forwards to a good slab of ribs. They have a Blue Grass festival at the resort this weekend and lots of BBQ food. Just what I need after a ride, lots of protein.
It'll be good to see my friend Juergen at the ride too, he's coming in from Baltimore where he lives now. I'm looking forward to turn his legs into noodles when we go up the first mountain.

I'm always talking about the "HO" but never show pictures, we'll here is one picture. He even
looks like a real rider but he's still a "HO"
Off to WV. look for a post and pictures on Sunday.

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