Monday, May 4, 2009

What have I've been doing

Doing a lot of yard work that's what I've been doing. Getting everything out of the way early so all I have to do is cut the grass and have more time for riding.

Went to Mohican Sunday afternoon and rode for a while with Carl from Dayton. He was riding the trail for the first time in preparation for the Mohican 100 mtb race May 30th. which is why I was also there. Mohican is a great place to ride, an mtb trail built by mountain bikers. It flows real good with a few rock gardens and lots of roots to keep you awake. Speaking of rocks, last week I went over the handlebars in one section of the trail when I hit a big round rock head on and didn't react on time because I was fatigued. This time I was ready and feeling good. As soon as I got there it was like "not this time you *&%*$%" I powered over the rock garden and never stopped. I do have to say I fell again. I was flying down the trail like a maniac and came up to this very short right left around a small tree stump and had to make a split second decision, go right and risk going down the side of the hill or go left and see if I can control the bike. I went left and for another couple of seconds it looked like I was going to make it until my front wheel hit the trail again and I lost control. Down I went but the ground was soft with all the pine needles and rotting leaves from last fall. Got up went to the covered bridge pulled out the first aid kit, cleaned up the elbow and kept going. It was a good day.

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